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Selling an Appliance?

This is meant as a guide to what selling an appliance to Barker`s Furniture might look like. Each situation can vary depending on multiple factors. Please speak with one of our associates if you have any questions.


What kind of appliances do we purchase?

  1. Cook stoves (gas or electric)

  2. Clothes dryers (gas or electric)

  3. Washing machines

  4. Refrigerators

  5. Window a/c and heating units

  6. Space heaters (gas,electric,infrared,ceramic etc...)

  7. other household appliances or machines depending on the item itself and the situation.

How do you sell an appliance to Barker`s?

Contact us and let us know what you are interested in selling and what you are looking to get for price.

We always suggest that you bring pictures by and show us or send them to us via email, Facebook or Instagram. That we can see if it is something that we would be interested in purchasing at the time.

    1. please include multiple pictures and multiple angles if possible.

    2. contact information

    3. desired price

If we have determined that we would be interested in purchasing the item we will have to inspect and test the item.

Please note we are no longer able to send someone out to inspect or pick up the machine. it is the sole responsibility of the seller to get the item to us. We do have a recommendation for a delivery service that will haul your item to us but you will be responsible for any costs associated with this service.

    1. After initial inspection we will attempt to agree on a price for the items dependent on the outcome of the testing. You will receive a "receipt"  with your contact information and ours, the items and the agreed upon price. ( please keep this receipt for your records)

    2. depending on the item itself, time of day, number of items in front of yours to be inspected staffing and more, testing and inspection can take anywhere from an hour or longer. A sales associate can provide a more accurate estimate of time when we receive the item.

    3. If we test the item and determine there are repairs to be made or the item did not meet expectations we will make a new offer based on the costs associated with the findings.

Once the item passes testing and we finalize a price you may collect the payment. A new updated receipt will be printed. This must be signed to receive payment. You may request a copy for yourself.


What are some things Barker`s looks at when purchasing an item.

Generally the following rules apply to any item you might want to sell to barker`s. Other criteria may be used depending on the exact item and situation.

  1. The age of the item

  2. The specific make and model of the item e.g. (Kenmore 60 series or Maytag bravos)

  3. The overall condition of the item including cosmetics and mechanical

  4. The cleanliness of an item

  5. The current market value of the item

  6. Repairs or maintenance that may need to be done to the item.

  7. does the item meet expectations or the information initially provided?

What happens if we don`t make a deal or if Barker`s decides to not purchase my item?

Barker`s does reserve the right to refuse purchase of any item at any point.

  1. We will use the contact information provided to let you know of any changes and our final decision. We will let you know that we do not want the item and we can work out an agreement for removal of the item at this time.

  2.  When you bring an item to us and we decide to not purchase the item you as the seller are responsible for removing the item in a timely manner and for any fees that you may incur for the removal of the item. Barker`s will not under any circumstances reimburse a seller for any costs associated with getting an item to us or taking an item back if we do not purchase said item.

  3. If we do not purchase an item we are not responsible for storing or keeping the item. You must remove it in a timely manner. Please be aware we cannot keep items we are not going to purchase inside the store as we are limited on space. This means your item may be set outside by end of day. It is your responsibility to get it and we are not liable for anything that happens to your items.